Robert Hewitt Wolfe

Seprent and the Eagle


Where did you and Hans Beimler come up with an idea about doing a feature based on the Aztec conquest?

When Hans was doing a polish on the DS9 episode "For the Uniform," he named a ship the USS Malinche.  In my gringo ignorance, I thought Malinche was a made up word.  Faux Vulcan maybe.  I asked Hans (who is a Mexican citizen) about it and he told me the story of "la Malinche," Cortes' Aztec mistress.  I said, wow, that's a movie.  He agreed.  We wrote the outline... and then put in on the shelf for three years while we both worked on other projects.  Finally we both got some free time, sat down to write it... and there you go.

Hans Beimler is a Mexican citizen?

Yes.  Hans was born and raised in Mexico city.  His father fled to Mexico during World War II.  His grandfather was quite famous in his own right.  Do a web search on "Hans Beimler" sometime.  Spanish is Hans' first language.  I am in awe at his ability to write in a language other than the one he learned as a child.

Okay, I know a little bit about Malinche.  Wasn't she an evil traitor?

Dona Marina Xamarillo aka Malinali aka La Malinche is one of the most controversial figures in all of Mexican history.  Hopefully the movie will get made and you'll be able to see our take on her yourselves.  But there are lots of amazing books out there about the Conquest.  It's a very well documented event.  If you're interested in learning more, the best place to start is with Bernal Diaz del Castillo's first hand account, "The Conquest of New Spain." It's still an terrific read even 450 years after it was written.

When can we expect "The Serpent and the Eagle" in theaters?

Movie development can be long and involved.  We are the very early stages right now.  For a movie to get made, especially one of this scope, everything has to come together just right.  Hans and I are working closely with Ron Howard, David Bernardi, and all the other wonderful folks at Imagine to get the script just right.  But it's a bit early to be thinking about what the poster should look like.  =)